Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Quaderni del collezionismo vol. 1

Quaderni del collezionismo vol. 1

The Quaderni del collezionismo series aims to offer precious insights into the world of Italian and international collectors, drawn from interviews held at the Pinacoteca and in other locations all over the world. The conversations turned out to be intimate, very open encounters with the collectors, who explained their tastes in art and talked about how their passions developed recounting anecdotes and reminiscences about their lives and collecting activities. The series represents a new element in the research into collecting that the Pinacoteca Agnelli initiated in 2006. Thanks to this series of books these privileged insights into the world of collecting are preserved in written form.
Publisher: Johan&Levi
Catalogue: italian
Publication year: 2011
Size: 15×21 cm
N° pages: 120 + cover
Price: €12

Quaderni del collezionismo. Volume 1