Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli CINDY SHERMAN AT BIENNALE OF VENICE


On the occasion of the 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia – Il Palazzo Enciclopedico / The Encyclopedic Palace curated by Massimiliano Gioni, the Pinacoteca Agnelli supports as donor the participation of Cindy Sherman.

The decision to support Cindy Sherman’s participation was very natural, says Ginevra Elkann, president of the Pinacoteca. I have always very much admired her art, her interest in transformation and disguise. I knew she was interested in outsider art, subculture, themes that passionate me. So when Massimiliano Gioni told me she was organizing a project for the Biennale I was immediately interested. I sense it is relevant to the mission of the Pinacoteca that studies collecting, since I feel this a bit like Cindy Sherman’s dream wunderkammer.

At the center of the Arsenale, artist Cindy Sherman — who, in her work, has worn thousands of masks — presents a project, a show within the show, fashioning an imaginary museum of her own. In Sherman’s project, dolls, puppets, mannequins, and idols cohabit with photos, paintings, sculptures, religious votive offerings, and drawings by prison inmates. Collectively they compose an anatomical theatre in which to contemplate the role of images of the body in the representation and perception of the self.

The section organized by Cindy Sherman is composed of over two hundred works by more than thirty artists.

Artist listEnrico Baj
Born in 1924 in Milan, Italy
Died in 2003 in Vergiate, ItalyMirosław Bałka
Born in 1958 in Warsaw, PolandHans Bellmer
Born in 1902 in Katowice, Poland
Died in 1975 in Paris, France

Vlassis Caniaris
Born in 1928 in Athens, Greece
Died in 2011 in Athens, Greece

James Castle
Born in 1899 in Garden Valley, USA
Died in 1977 in Boise, USA

George Condo
Born in 1957 in Concord, USA

John DeAndrea
Born in 1941 in Denver, USA

Jos De Gruyter and Harald Thys
Born in 1965 in Geel, Belgium
Born in 1966 in Wilrijk, Belgium

Jimmie Durham
Born in 1940 in Washington, USA

Ex-votos from the Santuario di Romituzzo
Italian, 16th–19th c.

Linda Fregni Nagler
Born in 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden

Phyllis Galembo
Born in 1952 in New York, USA

Norbert Ghisoland
Born in 1878 in La Bouverie, Belgium
Died in 1939 in Frameries, Belgium

Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi
Born in 1942 in Merano, Italy
Born in 1942 in Lugo di Romagna, Italy

Robert Gober
Born in 1954 in Wallingford, USA

Haitian Vodou Banners

Duane Hanson
Born in 1925 in Alexandria, USA
Died in 1996 in Boca Raton, USAHerbert List
Born in 1903 in Hamburg, Germany
Died in 1975 in Munich, GermanyPaul McCarthy
Born in 1945 in Salt Lake City, USAPierre Molinier
Born in 1900 in Agen, France
Died in 1976 in Bordeaux, France

John Outterbridge
Born in 1933 in Greenville, USA

Paño Drawings

Carol Rama
Born in 1918 in Turin, Italy

Charles Ray
Born in 1953 in Chicago, USA

Hans Schärer
Born in 1927 in Bern, Switzerland
Died in 1997 in St. Niklausen, Switzerland

Karl Schenker
Born in Germany; Died in 1951/52, UK

Jim Shaw
Born in 1952 in Midland, USA

Photographic albums from the collection of Cindy Sherman

Laurie Simmons and Allan McCollum
Born in 1949 in Long Island, USA
Born in 1944 in Los Angeles, USA

Drossos P. Skyllas
Born in 1912 in Kalymnos, Greece
Died in 1973 in Chicago, USA

Rosemarie Trockel
Born in 1952 in Schwerte, Germany

Günter Weseler
Born in 1930 in Olsztyn, Poland

Sergey Zarva
Born in 1973 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

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