Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli LANDSCAPE AND VIEW


13 january 2006 – 14 may 2006

Bellotto, Van Bloemen, Canaletto, Cerquozzi, Dughet, Guardi, Guercino, Panini, Poussin, Hubert Robert, Van Wittel. These are some of the artists proposed by the exhibition, consisting of 65 paintings of XVII and XVIII century landscapes, borrowed from collections of Palazzo Barberini-Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica in Rome.

The theme of the exhibition is meant to offer the public in-depth appreciation of one of the most significant ensembles of the permanent collection of the Pinacoteca, which boasts six works by Canaletto and two by Bellotto.

The exhibition recalls the history of landscape painting – which started in Rome as an autonomous line at the end of the sixteenth century – and describes the evolution of the different types of landscapes in a period which yielded considerable results in terms of quality and expression, through 5 sections, namely classic landscape, landscape and daily life, picturesque and romantic landscape, landscape of ruin and view.

In fact, the seventeenth century is witness to the birth of the ideal and classicist landscape, authored at top level by Guercino and Poussin, which develops in parallel with real landscape. The representation of the truth and of the natural, brought to the highest levels of expression by Nordic painters, will lead, towards the end of the century, to the advent of the view. The exhibition will also include examples of architectural whims and genre paintings (bambocciate) with the intention of offering audiences a unique overview of Italian and foreign artists who were active mainly in Rome and Venice during the two centuries.

The exhibition, the result of an agreement between Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli and Soprintendenza Speciale al Polo Museale Romano, curator Direzione Palazzo Barberini, is the most important of Fiat events for the Olympics of Culture, organized to coincide with the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006.