Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli FURTIVO


August 5, 2008 – November 16, 2008
a project by Xavier Veilhan

The Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli is pleased to present Furtivo, a film and an exhibition conceived by French artist Xavier Veilhan.
Furtivo the film tells the oniric story of a man giving form to his vision through drawings which he then builds into models and 3D images. As the film progresses these models become the actual physical objects they represent, and in turn become part of the set through which the man moves.
The protagonist is played by French musician Sébastien Tellier – who also composed and performed the soundtrack.
The film documents his journey from the ground (the Lingotto building) to the sea, by car, horseback, and finally by boat. The boat “Stealth” (Furtivo in Italian) is a racing yacht owned by Giovanni Agnelli.

In 2005, while researching Fiat and its grand role in the spread of industrialisation in Europe, Veilhan created Lithophanie n°10 (Lingotto) – based on an architectural detail of the FIAT factory built in the twenties in Torino, Italy. At the same time he discovered “Stealth”, a unique piece of
design, entirely built in lightweight, carbon fibre. Not only was the boat a multi regatta winner, but it looked like an ultimate sculpture he wished he had made.
For the exhibition in Torino, Veilhan will feature a group of images called “Papiers” (Papers). These consist of large cutout pieces of paper simply push-pinned like butterflies in large wood frame boxes. The subjects are based on the Lingotto architecture and “Stealth”, and are revealed only when viewed from a distance.
The show will also feature four small sculptures that were realised using the 3D stereolithography technique: Amish Vibration; Amish; Amish Boccioni; and Large Carriage. These represent a horse and carriage whose altered shapes derive from the universal plastic dynamism of Boccioni. Each of these sculptures is unique in form and although the horse and carriage concept was originally conceived for the film it was transformed into sculptures.
The film Furtivo which was shot in colour HD 28′ and has no dialogue, was inspired by the history of mass production and its evolution into sport and leisure.

It was also be screened in November during Artissima, the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin.
Furtivo the film and Furtivo the exhibition are based on the spontaneous interest of the artist. The support of Ginevra Elkann came during its development.
Xavier Veilhan born in 1963, Lyon, France,

The exhbition is realized thanks to Bodino, Gurlino, Euphon, Carson eCo.