Pinacoteca Giovanni and Marella Agnelli CONVERSATIONS ON COLLECTING


Since 2006, the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli has directed its research to private collections, to explore a sector of the art world as crucial as little known to the general public.
To complete and enrich the exhibition program, we launched in 2010 Conversations on Collecting, a series of meetings that invite collectors, not only of art, to tell their passion.
Collecting is in fact a much more complex practice of simply accumulating items in a series, is an activity multifaceted, able to stimulate the knowledge and at the same time cementing the process of enhancement and legitimization of artistic styles as well as the aesthetic guidelines .
The Conversations on Collecting turn out to be very intimate, open encounters with the collectors, who explain their tastes in art and talk about how their passions developed and how they came to love and pursue their chosen objects, with that magical combination of instinct, aesthetic sensibility and luck – at times verging on a genuine obsession – recounting anecdotes and reminiscences about their lives and collecting activities.

The Quaderni del Collezionismo (Notebooks on Collecting) series aims to offer precious insights into the world of Italian and international collectors, drawn from interviews held at the Pinacoteca and in other locations all over the world.
The series represents a new element in the research into collecting that the Pinacoteca Agnelli initiated in 2006. Thanks to this series of books these privileged insights into the world of collecting are preserved in written form.
From 2014 the Quaderni del Collezionismo are only available on the online version.

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The Conversations on Collecting are available online for free (Italian only) on Johan&Levi’s website.
The previus issues of Quaderni del Collezionismo 1-2-3-4-5 are still available to purchase on Johan&Levi’s online store.